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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Estoy probando blogger-droid...
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Saturday, May 27, 2006

hope to see you in my new blog and end of Ogo's Attic

Hi to everyone who is following Ogo's Attic.

I would like to announce that this is my last post on this blog but this does not mean that I am quitting definitively. (Though I now that I am not updating the content frequently... :( )

I would be happy to receive you in my new blog. It is simply "Ogo" : http://ogomogo.com/blog/

If you would like to follow it directly through a feed reader this is the link to add to your list: http://ogomogo.com/blog/feed/

My turkish blog atmasyonspekulatif and spanish blog chapuzon will go on as usual but I am hoping to integrate them under the ogomogo domain during the summer months also. There are a few reasons to do this but probably one of the major ones is that I want to try and play with the Wordpress blogging system.

Although there is a functional option integrated inside Wordpress for importing the whole content that lies in Ogo's Attic, I preferred not to touch what I have here.

Thank you for your visits and hoping to receive your visit in Ogo.